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Nintendo Wii will be getting a Final Fantasy exclusive.

Recently Square-Enix has announced the latest installment of Dragon Quest on the DS and it seems like they are giving Nintendo a tremendous amount of support contrary to last gen. But there is even a bigger game that Square will be releasing on Nintendo's home console the Wii, Final Fantasy. From a Square rep. we have recieved a tip that a Final Fantasy is being developed as I type this out. It won't be a sequal to the latest FF's but rather it will be similar to the DS's FF3 and can be said to be a port/remake. This is great news to all Wii owners!

“Nintendo Wii will be getting a Final Fantasy exclusive.”

  1. Blogger Teacher Says:

    Is a port/remake really that great of news? Any of the new breed of consoles is going to need a killer game to drive sales. People are looking for new games, not ports. On the other hand, it might be fun to play with the Wii's controller.

  2. Blogger Sock Says:

    What's really holding back the Wii for me is that the controller doesn't lend itself well to turn based RPG's, which are some of my favorite games to play. That doesn't mean that I'm not in favor of innovation, but I don't see how a "true" FF game can take advantage of the Wiimote.

  3. Blogger CrimsonFlash Says:

    If it is a port/remake like you said, it will have to be FF7. That would make the most sales of both games and consoles.

    *crosses fingers*

  4. Blogger Joey Says:

    You never know. It might be a port of FFXIII *false hopes*

  5. Blogger Andre Says:

    i think it's pretty obvious it's going to be something that nintendo has a relationship with (ie, snes ffiv, v, or vi) as opposed to FF VII which sony still probably has some rights to.

  6. Blogger NeRFaGe Says:

    I think the Wiimote is wonderful for an FF game. The touch-screen on FFIII for the DS is great, and the same principal could be applied to the Wii version. I personally like the ability to point at enemies to target, and select menu items by point-n-click.

  7. Blogger beattz Says:

    Pretty disappointing that its only a port/remake. FFVII is one of my all time fav games, but I dont think I need to spend *another* couple hundred hours playing it just cos it will have slighly better gfx and slightly different controls... At least I can justify buying FFIII on DS (after having played it on a PC NES emulator) cos the gfx were quite average first time round, plus I can carry it around with me. I personally would like to see a *NEW* FF game that takes advantage of the Wii's unique controller and adds some fresh gameplay to the franchise.

  8. Blogger Ultimoore Says:

    GEOMANCER!!!! I really hope that it is a remake of Final Fantasy VI (GREATEST EVER!) That game was amazing in every aspect. It would be good to give something back to the original fans and not the buster sword wielding anime freaks.

  9. Blogger Carl Dizon Says:

    i've been hearing talks of a FF7 remake for quite some time now. I don't even play console games anymore, but if it does come out, I can see myself buying a Wii or whatever platform it's on and buy it.

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