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Nintendo Wii getting remake of Chrono Trigger?

Monday, December 18, 2006 by kirashira

With Square-Enix fully supporting Nintendo this gen whether it be the latest Dragon Quest games on the Wii and the DS, why not Chrono Trigger? One of the best quality games made by Square years ago might be in for a remake on this gen, it is going to hit the Wii! A rep inside Square-Enix has said that they have already started development on the remake of possibly a best seller on the Wii. If this is all true you can expect a release sometime Q4 2007 or Q1 2008.

Nintendo Wii will be getting a Final Fantasy exclusive.

Sunday, December 17, 2006 by kirashira

Recently Square-Enix has announced the latest installment of Dragon Quest on the DS and it seems like they are giving Nintendo a tremendous amount of support contrary to last gen. But there is even a bigger game that Square will be releasing on Nintendo's home console the Wii, Final Fantasy. From a Square rep. we have recieved a tip that a Final Fantasy is being developed as I type this out. It won't be a sequal to the latest FF's but rather it will be similar to the DS's FF3 and can be said to be a port/remake. This is great news to all Wii owners!

Nintendo Wii DVD version to be out by Q1 07.

by kirashira

Nintendo will be releasing its DVD "enabled" Wii by Q1 2007. This is straight from a source within Nintendo of America inc. . It has been rumoured earlier that the US will be getting this version of the Wii before Japan and it seems that it is correct. It is also expected that this version of the Wii will be sporting a higher price tag which is expected to be an extra $20 dollars.

Nintendo Wii getting GTA.

Saturday, December 16, 2006 by kirashira

This is straight from a dev source within Rockstar. The Wii will be getting a port of GTA from the past titles that have hit the PS2. It looks like Reggie has struck gold and Nintendo can finally shed some of that "kiddie" image from the past.

Check back for more details in the next couple of days.

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