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Resident Evil 5 exclusively on PS3 in Japan?

Rumors have been circulating that BioHazard 5 (aka Resident Evil 5) will appear only on the PS3 in Japan. The start of the rumor comes from ECGeo.com, a Japanese website that offers up-to-date information via email about upcoming games. Also, QJ.net has stated, "...After being named as one of the most wanted games in Japan by Famitsu, it has been busy with its rumor mills route lately. According to various backfence talks, the much awaited Capcom game would only be available for the PS3 in Japan."

Since the Xbox 360 has not been selling well in Japan this may be a smart way for Capcom to save money by only making and selling the Japanese version for the PS3. This however does not suggest that Resident Evil 5 will not come to the Xbox 360 in the U.S.

Until an official statement from Capcom, this is still just a rumor. Look for more info on Resident Evil 5 as TGS (Tokyo Game Show) is right around the corner (countdown).

“Resident Evil 5 exclusively on PS3 in Japan?”

  1. Blogger Justin Says:

    You should post your sources man...That article is from PS3land.com right? I was the journalist who wrote it....good article though.