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How much did Activision Pay for RedOctane?

Activision aquired RedOctane, publisher of last year's PlayStation 2 surprise hit Guitar Hero in May. How much did they pay? Well the details are right here...100 million dollars.

Here's the official word from the filing:

On June 6, 2006, we completed our acquisition of 100% of RedOctane, Inc. ("RedOctane") for an aggregate accounting purchase price of $99.9 million including transaction costs, consisting of $30.9 million in cash and 2,382,077 shares of Activision common stock valued at approximately $30.0 million based upon prevailing market prices, and $39.0 million payable in Activision common stock within two years of the closing date, which is recorded in other liabilities. In addition, in the event the net income of the business over a certain period of time exceeds certain target levels by certain amounts, certain former shareholders of RedOctane will be entitled to an additional amount of up to $51.0 million payable in shares of Activision common stock.
So $100M in cash and stock, and a possible $51M bonus Guitar Hero 2 if exceeds expectations. Pretty sweet deal for RedOctane, don't you think?

“How much did Activision Pay for RedOctane?”