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Google to Eventually Disclose More Click Fraud Data

SES Conference, San Jose -- Google CEO Eric Schmidt said today that the company is discussing ways in which to reveal more data about click fraud to their advertisers.

Schmidt maintained that Google has the click fraud problem under control, and that the rate of incidents is not increasing. But, he said, the company is trying to be more transparent with its customers.

"To the degree that our systems can detect it, we believe we have it under control," Schmidt said in an interview with Danny Sullivan, editor of searchenginewatch.com. "We're trying to find ways we can give information to advertisers that's truthful. One of the problem is that we have so many advertisers and we want to give aggregate data."

Schmidt mentioned Google's decision to join the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) committee on establishing click fraud standards, and implied that the standardization process will help all companies, not just Google, be more tansparent.

Google recently added a feature to AdWords that shows advertisers the amount of fraudulent clicks that occur on their ads.

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“Google to Eventually Disclose More Click Fraud Data”